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» » Tengger Cavalry - Cian Bi (2018)

Tengger Cavalry - Cian Bi (2018)

Tengger Cavalry - Cian Bi (2018)
Year: February 23th, 2018
Country: China
Genre: Folk Metal
Album: Cian Bi
Type: Full-length
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Track list Tengger Cavalry - Cian Bi (2018)

Is there a complaint?
1. And Darkness Continues
2. Cian-Bi (Fight Your Darkness)
3. Our Ancestors
4. Strength
5. Chasing My Horse
6. Electric Shaman
7. Ride Into Grave And Glory (War Horse II)
8. Redefine
9. A Drop Of The Blood, A Leap Of The Faith
10. The Old War
11. One Tribe, Beyond Any Nation
12. Just Forgive
13. One-Track Mind
14. You And I, Under The Same Sky
15. Sitting In Circle

Download torrent metal album Cian Bi bands Tengger Cavalry in good quality MP3 320 kbps and a Lossless (FLAC | WAV). Group Tengger Cavalry from country China plays in genre Folk Metal and on 30-November-17, 21:24 in status Active. The group Tengger Cavalry from country China released a new album called Cian Bi in 2018 in format CD.
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