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» » Sci-Fried Hyperspaced (2017)

Sci-Fried Hyperspaced (2017)

Sci-Fried  Hyperspaced (2017)
Year: 2017
Country: United States
Band: Sci-Fried
Album: Hyperspaced
Type: Full-length
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Track list Sci-Fried Hyperspaced (2017)

Is there a complaint?
1 One with the Force
2 Holodeck Love
3 Save the Maiden
4 Whatever Happened to Split Screen
5 Luke and Scotty
6 My Life My Way
7 Autocorrect
8 Boom Boom Cthun
9 Problems
10 The Boss
11 Winter Has Come

Download torrent metal album Hyperspaced bands Sci-Fried in good quality MP3 320 kbps and a Lossless (FLAC | WAV). Group Sci-Fried from country United States plays in genre Alternative Rock, Hard Rock and on 01-December-17, 8:49 in status Active. The group Sci-Fried from country United States released a new album called Hyperspaced in 2017 in format CD.
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