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» » Energema - World of Zionix (2017)

Energema - World of Zionix (2017)

Energema - World of Zionix (2017)
Year: 2017
Country: Colombia
Genre: Power Metal
Band: Energema
Album: World of Zionix
Type: Full-length
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Track list Energema - World of Zionix (2017)

Is there a complaint?
01. At the Gates of Justice Sun (Overture)
02. World of Zionix
03. The Z Cyphers
04. Aren
05. Angel Dust
06. Teris
07. March of Varnir
08. Blue Fire Torch (Instrumental)
09. The Hermit of Telvan
10. Fire of Creation
11. Fire of Creation (Bonus Track) (Nando Neri)

Download torrent metal album World of Zionix bands Energema in good quality MP3 320 kbps and a Lossless (FLAC | WAV). Group Energema from country Colombia plays in genre Power Metal and on 28-November-17, 6:46 in status Active. The group Energema from country Colombia released a new album called World of Zionix in 2017 in format CD.
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