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» » Wvstelvnd - IDDQD (2017)

Wvstelvnd - IDDQD (2017)

Wvstelvnd - IDDQD (2017)
Year: 2017
Country: Russia
Genre: Mathcore
Band: Wvstelvnd
Album: IDDQD
Type: Full-length
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Track list Wvstelvnd - IDDQD (2017)

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1.Into The Wasteland
4.Criminal Miami
6.Face The Black Hole
7.Unit 731
9.Ashes Of Lordran
10.Path Of The Hollow

Download torrent metal album IDDQD bands Wvstelvnd in good quality MP3 320 kbps and a Lossless (FLAC | WAV). Group Wvstelvnd from country Russia plays in genre Mathcore and on 27-November-17, 13:22 in status Active. The group Wvstelvnd from country Russia released a new album called IDDQD in 2017 in format CD.
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